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Centro estetico con carta da parati e pannelli decorativi in vetro

Martina Fasana Estetique by Milena Ganzerli Interiors

Martina Fasana Estetique is a refined beauty center in Travagliato (Brescia, Italy). The project was created by Milena Ganzerli Interiors and is characterized by versatility in using the same graphic content on different finishes: on one side, the Fabric wallpaper and on the other, the Dècora Glass decorative glass panels.
The style of the environment aims to offer customers an experience of well-being and relaxation while maintaining a modern and welcoming appearance.

A single graphic subject was chosen for both finishes, paper and panels, ‘Cindy‘.
The continuity of the design between the wallpaper and the glass panels creates a visual coherence throughout the entire space, giving the beauty center a professional and elegant appearance.

The choice fell precisely on this subject based on the furnishings and the soft color palette.
‘Cindy’, in its Rust variant, is made up of geometric shapes in shades of powder pink and beige, which instill a sense of order and tranquility in the environment.

A particularly captivating reception was created in the reception area: the geometric motif of ‘Cindy’ here was printed on Dècora Glass slabs for the total covering of the counter. To ensure chromatic harmony, the counter surface (also made of glass) was specially made in a refined, flat ”burnt earth” color. In addition to being a perfect match with the ‘Cindy’ graphics, this neutral base can be easily combined with all the other decorative elements of the environment. While the furniture coordinates with the geometric pattern, the colors of the armchairs and fabrics match the environment design.

In order to maintain graphic continuity, it is in the area behind the counter that the ‘Cindy’ subject is proposed on the wallpaper. Moreover, the same wallpaper is installed on other walls in the various treatment rooms.

The combination of wallpaper and glass panels also offers the ease of maintenance and durability needed to maintain a clean, professional working environment.

In conclusion, this project embodies many of the services that Tecnografica can offer, including:
• joint use of different finishes in studied combination;
• printing of a graphic subject on any finish available in the catalogue;
• creation of a personalized color or graphic pattern to create the perfect match with the existing furnishings.

Project by: Milena Ganzerli Interiors –
Photo by: Andrea Somensi –

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