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Freeform & Szauder

From the collaboration between the interior design studio Freeform and the artist Dávid Szauder, an exclusive series of wallpaper graphics is born that transcend the

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Webb Telescope

We wonder. It’s our nature. How did we get here? Are we alone in the universe? How does the universe work? The James Webb Space

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Decorative panels | Maui Blue - Tecnografica

Super Preziosi

The decorative wall panels of Super Preziosi collection arise from the high-resolution aquisition of rare natural stones. True beauty is timeless. It stays and constantly

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'Yage' wallpaper by Tecnografica


Visioni Visioni is the Tecnografica wallpaper collection that combines human artistic abilities and the most advanced technologies, redefining the boundaries of art applied to design.

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'Sipario' wallpaper by Tecnografica

Quarta Parete

Quarta Parete What in the world of entertainment is called the fourth wall represents a sort of “imaginary wall” that separates the spectators from the

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Carta da parati minimal Sensu di Tecnografica


When there’s a long distance to be travelled, we have to carefully select what to carry with us. To bring everything is a strong temptation

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Metal is the collection that collects together all the wallpaper subjects specifically designed for the Metal finish. The Metal collection brings together all those graphic

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Geometric Notes

Geometric Notes is the wallpaper collection dedicated to geometric motifs. Shapes, sounds, and colors dance together in each graphic subject. There’s a sound in every

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Duomo di Milano

Artistic, historic, and cultural Italian heritage is absolutely one of the richest of the world. Every path of our cities, every building of our towns

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Grandi Marmi

Nature will never stop to be our main source of inspiration. We can find its greatness everywhere, from the depths of the earth, to the

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