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Appartamento con dettagli e carta da parati in stile giapponese

Apartment with Japanese details by Danijela Mišković

The apartment is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, with neutral colors and simple, clean lines. The central motif of the space is Tecnografica’s wallpaper from the Japandi collection. The chosen graphic subject, ‘Igen‘, depicts a tree in an abstract way, with the aim of connecting man to nature. A similar motif also appears in the bedroom, where a mural of a cherry blossom tree is drawn above the headboard.

The ‘Igen’ wallpaper by Tecnografica, in its Linen color variant, plays an important role in the interior design of the apartment. The abstract tree motif is a modern interpretation of an iconic element of Japanese culture, evoking a sense of peace and harmony. The wallpaper was carefully chosen to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, where man can feel connected to nature even in an urban context.

The furnishings of the apartment are simple and integrated into the space, combined with natural materials such as wood. The furniture was also chosen to enhance the beauty of the wallpaper and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Not only that: Japanese architecture is known for the combination of internal and external space; imaginary “windows” were then added to the apartment, in the form of sliding panels. In this way, the imaginary nature of the wallpaper is projected into the internal space, where the sliding elements, changing position, create a new context. Like a view through a moving window onto the garden.

Project by: Danijela Mišković
Photos by: Danijela Mišković and Relja Ivanić

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