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Soggiorno - Appartamento by Urban Moon, Simona Preda

Living room - Apartment by Simona Preda, Urban Moon Interior Architecture

Urban Moon, an interior design studio led by Simona Preda, specializes in creating personalized and unique spaces. With a focus on elegance, refinement, and comfort, Urban Moon offers high-quality interior design services that implement Preda’s vision and creativity.

One of Urban Moon’s most extraordinary projects is the apartment in the French Quarter of Bucharest, which received the prestigious “Award 5 stars winner Design – Interior Private Residence Romania 2023” award at the Romanian Property Awards. This project showcases the distinctive elegance and refinement of the Urban Moon style, with the use of decorative panels from Tecnografica.
The ‘Laguna’ graphic subject of the decorative panels adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the interior design, creating a strong visual impact and harmoniously complementing the spaces. In the living area the panels are integrated into the fireplace structure and act as a central focal point separating the sofa area from the office area. They also add a distinctive aesthetic element, enhancing the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the self-feeding water vapor fireplace.
In the office area, decorative panels are incorporated into the design of the bookcase furniture, giving an elegant and sophisticated look. The ceiling cove lighting highlights the decorative panels, adding a touch of sparkle and style.

In the master bedroom, the large wardrobe offers ample storage space, with shelves, hanging rails and drawers. A movable door hides the television discreetly, creating a uniform look and continuing the design with the decorative panels seen in the living area.

As Simona Preda explains, “the use of Tecnografica decorative panels in the French Quarter Apartment project brings elegance, aesthetic value and design cohesion. These panels transform spaces into true works of art, enriching the atmosphere and adding a touch of refinement to every corner of the apartment. Through collaborations with top brands and careful selection of materials, Urban Moon provides their clients with remarkable interior design experiences and personalized spaces that reflect their unique tastes and style.”

Project and photos by Simona Preda, Urban Moon

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