Studi Dentistici DEX Dental Excellence – Custom wallpaper

Tecnografica is a company capable of pushing itself beyond the boundaries of traditional design and over time it has stood out for its ability to offer extremely customized design solutions, bringing the concept of originality to a new level. The wallpaper created for Dr. Francesco Mintrone’s Studi Dentistici DEX is a tangible example of how Tecnografica can translate customer visions into reality. In this case, the company embraced the challenge of creating hand drawings of the main views of the city of Sassuolo (Modena, Italy), integrating the collaborators of Studi Dentistici DEX into the scenes. This decision helped create a deep bond between the company and the territory, adding a touch of authenticity to the designs. The most fascinating aspect of this project is the use of the comic style, characteristic of the artist and Creative Director of Tecnografica, Marco Fontana. This approach has given rise to a lively and engaging design, capturing the attention and imagination of those who observe it. The Studi Dentistici DEX project highlights the intrinsic advantages of customized design. This approach allows you to express your vision in a unique and authentic way, standing out from the crowd. In a world that increasingly values individuality, personalized design offers the opportunity to create a space or experience that authentically reflects your history and personality.

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