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Apartment Parioli district (Rome) by luoghiCOMUNI

The apartment, located in front of the entrance to Villa Ada in the Parioli/Trieste district of Rome, has undergone a complete renovation, transforming into a 230 m2 residence inspired by the French residences of the last century. Characterized by contemporary and eclectic incursions, the project – masterfully created by the luoghiCOMUNI architecture studio – maintained a constant dialogue between past and present, taking advantage of the large windows and generous spaces of the building.

The layout of the apartment has been redesigned, eliminating the dividing walls and adopting solutions designed down to the millimetre. The open living room, characterized by classic lines mixed with metal elements, marble and reflective details, creates a suggestive and elegant environment.
In the private and elegant sleeping area, a double walk-in closet with independent access for him and her, and as many bathrooms have been created, each reflecting the personality of the owners The showers, large and equipped with chromotherapy, offer a moment of complete relaxation.
One of the client’s requests was the creation of a small home spa. The result includes an emotional shower with Turkish bath and a trapezoidal hydromassage tub.

The five bathrooms of the apartment present an unusual mix of combinations, balancing classic, modern, exotic and vintage taste. In the guest bathroom, the Tecnografica wallpaper chosen is ‘Ginko‘ in its Black variant; reflected in the large mirror, it creates a depth effect that increases the perceived space of the room.
The bathroom with tub in the sleeping area, however, combines exotic and classic elements for an original and extravagant result, in which the ‘Jungle Clubwallpaper with a water-repellent H2O finish is certainly the protagonist. Here too, the chosen variant, Gold, is in shades of gold and black, thus maintaining a chromatic coherence between the rooms.

The use of Tecnografica wallpapers plays a significant role in defining spaces, with light and refined decorations that help create a welcoming and distinctive atmosphere in every bathroom. The entire project stands out for the elegance of the chosen materials, the works of art and the sensual details that give this home a timeless charm.

Project: luoghiCOMUNI 
Photos: Carla Bruno

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