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Tehnopol 3 by Astlanda Ehitus

Tecnografica LED backlit panels illuminate Tehnopol3, a commercial and office building in Tallinn, Estonia. This elegant project was created by Astlanda Ehitus and the decorative panels with integrated LED lighting system by Tecnografica were chosen to welcome professionals and visitors with an exclusive interior design.

Dècora LED panels bring a touch of brilliance to Tehnopol’s architectural excellence. Made with precision and attention to detail, this project is the result of the creativity and expertise of Astlanda Ehitus. Specifically, the Tehnopol science park is a research and business campus that helps start-ups and developing technology companies grow faster by offering modern office space and high-level consultancy.

The new office building created by Astlanda Ehitus maintains the same high-tech requirements as the campus on which it is located. With the graphic subject ‘Pacific Sky‘ on a backlit finish, Tecnografica also brings its contribution to the interior of this cutting-edge building.

These panels not only illuminate the space, but welcome visitors with a sophisticated custom-made interior design, which incorporates the warm tones of the adjacent wooden walls and, at the same time, inserts the precious texture of a natural stone into a contemporary context. Tehnopol3 thus represents a harmonious fusion between cutting-edge technology and aesthetic refinement.

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