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Loft a Brno (Slovacchia) by Le Bon Design con carte da parati 'Madras' e 'Eden' di Tecnografica

Loft in Brno (Czech Republic) by Le Bon Design

The extraordinary transformation of a loft in Brno (Czech Republic) by Le Bon Design, where the fusion of contemporary style and practical living takes center stage. Located in a renovated 1910 textile factory, this loft, under the guidance of a group of enthusiasts, has earned acclaim and awards for its impressive redesign.

The kitchen, the focal point for the owners, perfectly combines practicality and aesthetics. Le Bon Design chose Tecnografica’s Madras‘ wallpaper, the work of the artist MAD, for the staircase wall. This choice introduces natural shapes and stylized elements, creating an eye-catching contrast with the industrial background.

In the bedroom of the owners’ daughter, the Eden‘ wallpaper by Tecnografica gives a whimsical tone. Transforming a small space into a welcoming retreat, wallpaper adds a touch of whimsy, complementing the overall design.

Le Bon Design’s thoughtful use of Tecnografica wallpapers demonstrates the transformative power of this type of decorative element in interior spaces. The ‘Madras’ and ‘Eden’ wallpapers not only enhance the aesthetic but also contribute to the unique personality of each room, making the Brno loft a contemporary excellence.

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