Dècora LED


Dècora LED is the Light-integrated Decorative Panel System that combines decoration with LED technology, creating unseen spectacular effects through plays of light and color variations. The reduced thickness of the panel allows installation on wall, recessed-panel installation, and even installation on specific profiles, standing far from the wall. Totally programmable and manageable through a controller or a mobile app, Dècora LED boasts an excellent light and color rendering, together with a low energy consumption. The shape of Dècora LED support can be customized thanks to the absence of lateral frames. Moreover, the uniform lighting from the center to the edges creates continuity among panels and gives aesthetic completeness to the graphic.
The Patent registered for this lighting technology further highlights its cutting-edge and innovative nature.

Dècora LED finish is available for all the designs of Tecnografica decorative panels catalogue.


Dècora LED – Tecnografica’s finishes

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