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Mood Bar by Localiarreda

The project designed for the Mood Bar fits into a lively and dynamic urban area such as that of the Prati district in Rome (Italy), bringing a breath of innovation to the local restaurant scene.
Localiarreda, in collaboration with Tecnografica, has created an environment that transcends the traditional concept of a bar to become a true manifesto of style and comfort. The magic of this space lies in the clever play of contrasts. The intense blue of the ceiling is the perfect background, enhancing the soft and discreet shades of the ‘Wildflowers‘ wallpaper in its Sage variant. This color choice is not random, but designed to create an atmosphere of depth and breadth, where the blue emphasizes the freshness and liveliness of the floral motifs, expertly hand-drawn by Tecnografica’s designers. Tecnografica, with its experience, has therefore transformed the venue into a meeting point where contrast becomes connection and the dynamism of urban life blends with the serenity of nature.

Project and Photo: Localiarreda

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