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Aristotelus House by Fluo Design | Tecnografica

Aristotelus House by Fluo Design

In a context of refined historical elegance, the Fluo Design project in collaboration with Tecnografica stood out for its ability to combine respect for tradition with a contemporary language. The result is the restyling of the Aristotelus House, an apartment located in the heart of Thessaloniki (Greece), a city at the crossroads of cultures.

Tecnografica wallpaper emerges among the protagonists of this dialogue between past and present. In redeveloping the interiors of this historic 1950s home, the designers skilfully chose the ‘Kenthie’, ‘Jungle Club’, and ‘Livingstone’ graphics.

The office is embellished with ‘Kenthie’ wallpaper in its Beige variant. The botanical design and delicate colors of this graphic subject transform the space into a serene and stimulating work environment, where natural light enhances the neutral and welcoming shades.

In the bedroom, dynamism and liveliness take shape with ‘Jungle Club’ in the Blue version. Here, the exotic imagery of tropical forests is reinterpreted in a contemporary key, instilling energy and curiosity.

In the bathroom, ‘Livingstone’ in its Grey variant, gives a feeling of elegant refinement. The design of the environment, with its combination of natural materials and sophisticated textures, is linked to the wallpaper in a dialogue of shapes and shades that recall the treasures of a lost era.

In every room, Tecnografica wallpapers are more than a decorative element: they are a bridge between the elegance of the past and the innovation of the present, emphasizing the historicity of the Aristotelus House with a contemporary look.

Project and Photos: Fluo Design

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