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Hotel De La Ville by Studio Ziffer

The Hotel De la Ville in Rome, Italy, is a luxury building that rises in the heart of the Eternal City. Strategically positioned to offer a privileged view of Rome, it represents the perfect union between historical charm and contemporary elegance. As a result of the meticulous restoration conducted by the architect Tommaso Ziffer together with Olga Polizzi, the Hotel De la Ville has become a true architectural masterpiece.

A distinctive space of this extraordinary structure is the Julep Herbal & Vermouth Bar, a cocktail bar with a great impact design. Here, Tecnografica wallpaper becomes the absolute protagonist of the furnishings, with a customization that goes beyond the simple concept of wall decoration. This wallpaper, custom-created for the hotel, features a vivid yellow background onto which numerous black and white illustrations have been printed, framed as if they were real hanging paintings. Each illustration is characterized by excellent image quality, enough to entice guests to come closer and admire the meticulous details.

Tecnografica, with its experience in customizing wallpapers, has been able to interpret and satisfy the customer’s specific requests. The selected design not only beautifies, but communicates with the observer, transporting him/her to another place and time. Thus, the Julep Herbal & Vermouth Bar becomes the ideal place where guests can sip refined cocktails and original infusions, immersed in an environment where the furnishings and the realistic details printed on the wallpaper create an atmosphere of absolute refinement.

Tecnografica’s wallpaper, therefore, is not just a furnishing element, but rather becomes an integral part of the narrative that the Hotel De la Ville has built for its guests: a tale of luxury, history, and creativity, where every element is designed to arouse emotions and discoveries.

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