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Everything you need to know about Decorative Panels (part 3)

In the world of interior design, uniqueness and originality play a key role in transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. The decorative panels offered by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings represent an innovative solution with a great aesthetic impact for those who want to stand out. Here is a complete and free guide on decorative panels, from the design style to the choice of the most suitable materials.

Where can decorative panels be installed?

The application of decorative panels is not limited to walls. Their versatility allows them to be used in innovative and functional ways in different types of spaces. In addition to covering traditional walls, Tecnografica panels can be adapted for columns, curved walls and even as partitions within a room. As always, everything depends on the context and purpose of use.

Smart Panel Glossy and Matt: flexibility and resistance for every space

Tecnografica’s Smart Panel Glossy and Smart Panel Matt panels represent the ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and durable aesthetic solution. Made from polycarbonate, these panels are remarkably flexible and lightweight, making them suitable for cladding curved surfaces such as columns or non-linear walls. The Glossy finish, with its defined details and vivid colours, is perfect for environments that require a touch of brilliance, while the Matt finish, with its more sober and satin effect, adapts well to contexts that require a more discreet and natural. Both types are also moisture resistant, making them ideal for use in bathrooms or spas.

Decorative panels | Arabescato - Tecnografica
Decorative Panels Arabescato on Smart Panel Glossy
Decorative panels | Laguna - Tecnografica
Decorative Panels Laguna on Smart Panel Matt
Decorative Panel Pacific Sky on Smart Panel Glossy | Project by Angelika Tóth
Decorative Panel Indiana on Smart Panel Glossy | Project by Angelika Tóth
Smart Panel playlist on Tecnografica’s channel

Dècora Glass and Dècora Glass Backlit: elegance and scenography

Dècora Glass offers a refined aesthetic with its laminated glass finish, perfect for large surfaces and projects with great visual impact such as those in the Horeca, naval sector and in residential and commercial environments. Glass, thanks to its durability, can also be used as table tops or support surfaces. For an even more spectacular effect, the Dècora Glass Backlit panels, with integrated LED lighting, create unique light environments, ideal for commercial premises, restaurants or residential spaces that wish to stand out.

Dècora Glass playlist on Tecnografica’s channel

Dècora LED: luminous innovation

Dècora LED is an innovative solution that combines the aesthetics of decorative panels with advanced LED lighting. This panel is perfect for creating extraordinary light and color effects, which can be customized via controller or smartphone app. With the possibility of wall, recessed or special profile installation, Dècora LED is ideal for spaces that require a decorative element that is at the same time a dynamic light source with low energy consumption.

Decorative panels Maui Blue | Project by Christian Schuster
Decorative panels Papeete | Project by Raumplan Handels GmbH
There is room for light. There is room for Décora LED.
Decorative panels Indigo on Dècora LED
Dècora LED playlist on Tecnografica’s channel

A world of possibilities with Tecnografica

The versatility of Tecnografica’s decorative panels opens up infinite possibilities in the world of interior design, allowing designers and architects to explore new creative and functional frontiers. With a range of finishes that adapt to any aesthetic and functional need, these decorative panels are not just a complement, but can become the centerpiece of any interior design project.

We’re at your service

Discover in detail all the Tecnografica finishes of decorative panels and select the one best suited to your project. If you need information and suggestions, contact us!

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