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The combinated use of Wallpaper and Decorative Panels

In the professional environment of architecture and interior design, each project reflects the innovation and creativity of the designer. Our exclusive range of wallpapers and decorative panels is designed to meet the needs of this demanding public. Tecnografica offers solutions that not only beautify, but transform spaces significantly, allowing designers to realize their vision without compromise.

Customization at the center of the project

For professionals seeking complete adaptability in their projects, our customization service offers the freedom to mix and match and choose from a wide range of wallpapers, decorative panels and finishes.

This allows architects and interior designers to respond exactly to the requests of each client, regardless of the size of the project or the style of the destination environment. Whether it’s renovating a small studio or designing the interior of a large hotel, Tecnografica provides the resources to turn any idea into reality.

A perfect balance between design and materials

Tecnografica’s strength lies in its ability to harmoniously integrate cutting-edge design and high-quality materials. In this way, it becomes possible to use wallpaper finishes and decorative panels together, creating unique compositions that, on the one hand, attract the eye and, on the other, create a coherent flow throughout the environment.

Sipario wallpaper by Tecnografica
Sipario wallpaper and counter decorated with Patchouli decorative panels

Exploring new creative possibilities

Imagine coordinating subtle geometric patterns with rich, deep textures, or pairing understated hues with bold details. These possibilities, offered by Tecnografica, allow designers to make each space truly unique. The combined use of different materials not only opens up new creative adventures, but ensures that each environment is completely integrated and aesthetically engaging.

Every space, a vision

With Tecnografica, every project becomes an opportunity to express maximum creativity. Our expertise in the sector allows us to support designers in interpreting and realizing visions that at first glance may seem very complex. From private residences to corporate spaces, from luxury hotels to high-end restaurants, Tecnografica is committed to providing solutions that reflect and elevate the professional vision of the designer.

Stairwell: decorative panels Copenhagen wallpaper Eva by Giordano Cardinetti | Project: Angelika Tóth
On the wall: Japan Forest wallpaper; counter decorated with Onice Cappuccino decorative panel | Project: Maticad

We’re at your service

We invite all professionals in the sector to contact us to explore all the possibilities offered by our range of products.
With Tecnografica, design meets customization, while art becomes a fundamental tool for every designer.

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