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Villa Noal by Andrea Benedetti – Panificio Architecture Workshop

Villa Noal, symbol of sustainability and design in Brescia. Architect Andrea Benedetti, CEO of Panificio Architecture Workshop, designed this nZEB villa, an excellence with almost zero energy consumption.

The residence, in line with European nZEB (“nearly Zero-Energy Buildings”) standards, integrates renewable energy and embraces the mission of minimizing environmental impact. The project, compliant with European Directive 844, represents the cutting edge in the construction of buildings with very high energy performance.

The Villa is the result of a synergy between designers and clients, aimed at creating a sustainable structure without aesthetic compromises. The demolition and reconstruction allowed for an optimal approach, satisfying energy needs without sacrificing aesthetics. The villa features contemporary lines, designer furnishings, and high quality finishes. Villa Noal thus becomes a celebration of the union between luxury, sustainability, and sophisticated design.

Tecnografica, partner in interior design, has embellished the double bedroom with ‘Archetipo‘ wallpaper, in its Golden Hour color variant. Printed on Fabric vinyl finish, this graphic combines minimal geometry with sophisticated grey tones, integrating perfectly into the neutral chromatic context of the Villa.

Project: Arch. Andrea Benedetti, Panificio Architecture Workshop
Photos: Vanni Borghi and Enrico Dal Zotto

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