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420 sqm house in Moscow – Zenzerosso

Studio Zenzerosso designed a 420-sqm house in the Moscow region for a young family with a child. This home boasts a classic-modern style which stands out also for the skilful use of Tecnografica tropical wallpapers, which give a distinctive touch to the interiors.

In the master bedroom, the focus falls on the ‘Livingstone‘ wallpaper, in its Grey variant. This design favors black and white colors, which combine perfectly with the dark blue details of the room. The craftsmanship behind this graphic subject, hand-drawn by Tecnografica designers, further embellishes the interior design.

In the kid’s bedroom, instead, the ‘Kipling‘ wallpaper brings a lively explosion of colours. This design, also hand-drawn by our designers, creates a playful and fairytale atmosphere that fits perfectly into the space intended for the owners’ son. Both wallpapers embody the craftsmanship excellence and creativity of Tecnografica. The choice to integrate these specific graphic subjects into the interior of the house demonstrates the owners’ attention to detail and the search for a distinctive and original style.

Project: Zenzerosso architecture and design studio
Photo: Olga Shangina

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