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Il Romolus by Studio Celletti | Tecnografica

Il Romulus by Studio Celletti

Immersed in the history of Rome, a short distance from the wonders of the Colosseum and the Domus Aurea, there is ‘Il Romulus‘, an apartment that embodies the charm of history and the freshness of modernity. Studio Celletti, in collaboration with Tecnografica, has a renovation project was carried out which can already be seen in the entrance, where the ‘Promenade‘ wallpaper in its Retrò variant was installed.

This design choice brings the sweetness of the French countryside and the charm of the Roman coast into the walls of the apartment. The pastel shades and green details of the ‘Promenade’wallpaper invoke serenity and elegance, serving as the perfect backdrop for the modern and sophisticated living that the apartment aims to offer.

The modern and discreet furnishings let ‘Promenade‘ tell its story, leading visitors on a sensorial journey through the impeccable taste and elegance that characterize this Roman residence.

Project: Studio Celletti
Photos: Federico Mariani

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