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Gelateria Gloria & Rositas by MÄD Estudio  | Tecnografica

Gloria & Rositas Ice Cream Shop by MÄD Estudio

The ‘Gloria & Rositas’ ice cream shop, located in the center of Seville (Spain), is a refined example of contemporary design, the result of the collaboration between MÄD Estudio and Tecnografica. This welcoming and innovative space has been enriched by the ‘Agave‘ wallpaper by artist Vittorio Giardino. The graphics, inspired by the atmosphere of the Italian coasts, bring a touch of sun and sea directly to the city.

MÄD Estudio has skilfully integrated Tecnografica’s wallpaper into an environment that blends modernity and tradition. The bright shades and refined details of the graphics created by the Italian artist give the ice cream shop a touch of artistic elegance, transforming it into a place where it is possible to enjoy a complete sensorial experience.

‘Gloria & Rositas’ project is a perfect example of how interior design can elevate the customer experience, making each visit a special moment.

Project: MÄD Estudio
Photos: Gloria & Rositas

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