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Hotel Artyzen Singapore by Academy Tiles  | Tecnografica

Artyzen Singapore Hotel by Academy Tiles

In collaboration with Academy Tiles, a unique project was created for the Artyzen Hotel in Singapore, a luxury property that combines Singapore’s rich culture, vibrant colors and unique flavors to offer an unparalleled experience for international travellers. This modern hotel stands out for its elegance and attention to detail, creating a sophisticated and welcoming environment for its guests.

Within this project, the hotel bathrooms were enriched with completely customized wallpapers. These coverings, ideal for meeting the specific needs of the customer, transform bathrooms into exclusive and refined spaces. The graphic subjects used not only add an aesthetic touch, but also contribute to creating an atmosphere of luxury and comfort, perfectly in line with the distinctive style of the Artyzen Hotel.

The bathrooms of the Hotel Artyzen, thanks to the use of these customized wallpapers, represent an example of how Tecnografica’s offer is completely adaptable to specific project needs.

Project and Photos: Academy Tiles

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