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Over the centuries, Western culture has brought great technological innovation to many areas. Gradually, our life has become more and more articulated and organized, in the search for quick answers and solutions to bring endless improvement to our everyday life. As always, however, comfort also has its downsides. Over time and spread of immediate comfort, we have become demanding, impatient, detached from the place where we are and often also from the people around us.

With the wallpaper designs from Etnico collection, Tecnografica aims at reconnecting with the roots of each of us, enhancing and reinterpreting the cultural heritage of each civilization.

The graphic designs Rohe, Atamga, Tiebelé, Yakouba, Masai and Kabila celebrates a return to simplicity that, just like in the culture of African tribes, is founded on the very existence of their relationship with nature, in which they are immersed. Human beings inextricably linked to each other and, all together, linked to their land. Time has nothing to do with watches, but is marked by nature and its slow rhythms, which these people have learned to understand, respect and follow.

On the other hand, the wallpaper designs Rau, Tarsia, Tator, Suraja, Safi, Kalimba and Qum, reinterpret decorative and traditional elements of people belonging to different continents. These new subjects learn from the cultural baggage of each civilization and rework it in a new form, which is more easily understandable for the youngest generations. In this way, both tradition and newness combine together, giving life to new ways of expression that look towards the future, without forgetting the past.

Etnico is the Tecnografica’s wallpaper collection that shows the warm earth tones, geometric shapes, raw textures of the materials and decorations patiently reproduced by hand by our designers.

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