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The connection between man and nature has ancestral origins. Even if society evolved and the most of us lives in urban areas, our instinct will always prefer places and spaces where nature and the living beings are both present. This renewed propensity for nature, or rather its integration into our daily life, does not seem to be just a simple trend in biophilic architecture. Instead, it embraces a lifestyle that focuses on man and the well-being he can get from the relationship with the natural environment.

Bioliving is the new wallpaper collection by Tecnografica, with the aim of re-establishing the connection between nature and its elements. In this frame where the spaces are redesigned to favor the comfort of those who live there, the wallpaper acquires new functions: it becomes a solution to share the space and create a refuge dedicated to calm and relaxation; it represents a source of multisensory stimuli, where sight and touch senses awaken our attention and give us back sensations close to those we would have experienced with direct contact. With the brand new nature-inspired wallpaper designs, which recall plants, flowers, water, air and light, nature itself enters the places we live in every day, such as home and office. The relationship is then re-established.

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Using a camera or your smartphone, take a photo of the wall you want to paper. Upload it on our site and choose the graphics you like the most to have a preview of the final result on your wall.

When loading, you are required to enter: the sizes of the wall; an email address to which the simulation will be sent; other necessary small details.


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