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La purezza fotografica di Danilo Susi per Tecnografica

Danilo Susi

Class of 1949, Danilo Susi is a doctor photographer, previously president of AMFI (Association of Italian Doctor Photographers), which he also founded. He lives and works between Termoli and Pescara. In the 70s he began his activity in the world of photography as a self-taught Nikonist. In 2004, he had the idea of “painting water” inspired by the impressionism of Claude Monet and the creativity of Franco Fontana. This is how the ACQUASTRATTA project was born: Abstract images, strongly pictorial and without any postproduction. After having registered the trademark, Susi creates designer accessories reproducing the photographs on fine fabrics in a limited edition. ACQUASTRATTA dresses nature from the file to the foulard, a project dedicated to exclusive water inspired shawls and scarves presented for the first time in 2021 at Palazzo Isimbardi during the Fuorisalone, at the invitation of Assessorato alla Moda in the province of Milan.Later Danilo Susi decides to “animate and materialize” the images, creating new series of sub-projects: ANIMALIA, water remains the habitat in which animals live and reflect themselves; FLEUR, floating flowers and petals; SIGNS, water trails, snow streaked by the shade of trees, traces of wet sand; HUMAN BODY, floating anatomies; COMPOSITIONS, plates with multiple polychromatic images; MASKS, mirror pairs; BORDERS, two colors that fade into each other. The search for aesthetics and beauty which nature gifts us with the amazement of some particular colors is part of the modern abstract genre which, together with Carlo D’Orta of Rome and Albano Paolinelli of Pescara, allowed Susi to join the ART group ABSTRACT REALISM, led by the art critic Valerio Dehò: a search for abstraction starting from the real. This has been included among the latest trends in the art catalog “The Italian way to the informal” edited by Virgilio Patarini, of Editorial Giorgio Mondadori. “My generation”, explains Danilo Susi, “grew up admiring Franco Fontana’s photographs: intense colors, clear cuts, geometries built on light […] Today, in the digital age, I continue to re-propose the ‘purity’ of photographic technique, avoiding postproduction, enhancing what nature already offers in itself: water, in fact, has become my ‘palette’, its reflections my ‘visible’ and its colors, intense, numerous and fluctuating according to the light, are become pictorial abstract works and represent the relativity and transience of the moment. “Precisely that photographic ‘purity’, dedicated to the infinite faces of water and sky, translates into an exclusive series of graphic subjects for Tecnografica’s wallpapers. Reflections, clouds and horizon become the visual raw material, shaped by Danilo Susi, to create new graphics that not only decorate the rooms, but expand their boundaries, giving a new and unexpected space to interior design.

Danilo Susi: Adriatique
Danilo Susi: Nuage
Danilo Susi: Cirrus
Danilo Susi: Aquarelle
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