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Gino D'acampo Restaurants

Gino D’Acampo Restaurants

In Gino D’Acampo‘s restaurants in the English cities of Manchester, London and Leeds, the culinary experience marries Italian taste and sophisticated design. The renowned chef’s restaurants represent a gastronomic oasis where flavors blend with a welcoming and refined atmosphere, enriched by a touch of style thanks to the collaboration between Carrol Design Studio and Tecnografica.

In Manchester, guests are welcomed by an enveloping atmosphere, made even more evocative by the presence of the ‘Polly‘ wallpaper in its Ocra color variation. The delicate texture and elegant shade combine harmoniously with the surroundings, creating a feeling of warmth and familiarity.

In London, the restaurant stands out for its timeless sophistication. Here, the ‘Polly‘ wallpaper in River shades makes the atmosphere fresh and contemporary, perfect to accompany the pleasures of Italian cuisine.

In the Leeds location, the wallpaper becomes the absolute protagonist with its rich textures and vibrant colors. The Gold variant of ‘Tuareg Rug‘ adds a note of luxury and warmth, while ‘Tropicana‘ in Gold A transports guests to a tropical oasis of taste and relaxation.

The choice of the H2O finish for all the wallpapers used underlines Tecnografica’s commitment to the quality and durability of its creations. This special finish guarantees high resistance and durability, perfect for a lively and busy environment such as that of a restaurant.

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