Private Home design by Syuzanna Vardapetyan

The interior designer Syuzanna Vardapetyan has designed a 120m2 apartment in an elite residential complex in Yerevan (Armenia). The owners desired a modern style but with classic accents. Syuzanna Vardapetyan tried to meet their need by designing a house with contemporary and clean lines. The resulting atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable thanks to the use of wallpapers that soften the rooms. In particular, the interior designer used wallpapers for the living room, the home office and the kid’s bedroom.

The living room is characterized by modern furniture, precious finishes and design objects. The warm shades of the kitchen and of the sofa give light to the living area. The “Nebula” wallpaper from Surfaces Collection was installed on the entrance wall. It delicately decorates the environment with its pastel colours, perfectly integrating with the rest of the furniture. The home office has been designed with an elegant style, to improve concentration and recreate a professional environment even at home.

To match the modern furnishings, the interior designer has inserted the “Firenze Duomo” wallpaper  from the Art Cities collection, with its motif that recalls the marble inlays of the Florence Cathedral. Last but not least, the kid’s room has been developed as a functional place, as well as a playground where to have fun. In order to decorate the bedroom and make it more comfortable, the wallpaper “Major Tom” of Geometric Notes Collection has been installed on the main wall. This design recalls the colours of the mezzanine floor and works as a background for the desk. 


Project by: Syuzanna Vardapetyan –

Casa privata by Syuzanna Vardapetyan | Tecnografica
Casa privata by Syuzanna Vardapetyan | Tecnografica
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