Bathroom design – Private projects by Angelika Tóth

Designing a bathroom without windows is a real creative challenge for every architect and interior designer. The square footage is limited and its design is often neglected to make the bathroom functional.
However this was not the case with the two projects created by the interior designer Angelika Tóth, who enhanced and customized two blind bathrooms with Tecnografica products.

The first bathroom features warm neutral tones and a deep blue. The continuity between the floor and wall coverings affects the perception of space, making it appear wider. The wall behind the sink features a decorative panel with the “Maui Blue”  design (Super Preziosi collection) in the Matt finish of our Smart Panels. Made out of polycarbonate, the Smart Panel is a large, ultra-thin, ultra-light, flexible decorative panel perfect for high humidity environments, including windowless bathrooms.

The second bathroom is characterized by light tones and bright elements that help visually lighten the little space available. Decorating the walls, we find two Tecnografica solutions. One of them, the “Rossana”  wallpaper designed by Giovanna Casotto for the Art Collections. Its watercolor design makes the environment elegant and its shades reflect the colors of the sink. For the other wall, we find the “Kali” design (Precious Stones collection), on a Dècora Glass backlit decorative panel. Dècora Glass is the decorative panel that combines the brightness and resistance of laminated glass and is also, like Smart Panel, suitable for humid environments.


Project by: Angelika Tóth per Lakberendezo e SIL Design:

Bagno - Progetti privati by Angelika Tóth | Tecnografica
Bagno - Progetti privati by Angelika Tóth | Tecnografica
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