Home Office by Angelika Tóth

Not only a trend of the moment in architecture and interior design but a real working necessity for an ever-increasing number of people. We are talking about the Home Office, today more and more requested both for new projects and for renovation and refurbishment projects. 

Interior designer Angelika Tóth also interprets this requirement, designing a small but welcoming Home Office space. A small niche in which one can concentrate and feel at ease, working and studying from home.

The “Sahara Noir” decorative panel, from Supernatural collection, is positioned in front of the desk and behind the television to give a touch of elegance to the environment. The design’s subject, which is inspired by one of the most precious marbles in nature, completes the furnishings and enhances this small corner of the house.


Project by Angelika Tóth per Lakberendezo:http://www.lakberendezo.co/

Home Office by Angelika Tóth | Tecnografica
Home Office by Angelika Tóth | Tecnografica
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