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Freeform & Szauder

From the collaboration between the interior design studio Freeform and the artist Dávid Szauder, an exclusive series of wallpaper graphics is born that transcend the boundaries of creativity to dive into the depths of the Earth’s spheres from an extraordinarily different point of view.

Hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, which is also joined here by the thermosphere, are the five dimensions explored by the visionary collection of Freeform & Szauder. These creations were not designed to be just elements with a strong decorative impact; rather, they are real journeys into the beating heart of new ecosystems. While on the one hand they visually recall the different corners of our Earth, on the other they are full of unexpected details far from the horizons known to us.

Through the conscious and pioneering use of artificial intelligence, the well-known artist Dávid Szauder has in fact created surreal and visionary landscapes, where the most innovative art merges with science to create a unique sensorial experience. These graphics represent the perfect harmony between nature and technology, offering a new perspective on what surrounds each individual, extending from land and water towards the infinity of space.

With this collection, the Hungarian authors trace a common thread between imaginary dimensions: each stage, each sphere, is an intricate territory to discover and, all together, they create a new, complex, living world. In each graphic, the careful study of perspective creates a strong sense of depth which, applied to wallpapers, transforms into an increased perception of space. Whether it is commercial environments, hotels, restaurants or any public place, the coverings designed by Freeform & Szauder are literally capable of opening up interior design. Towards discovery, towards the unknown, towards other dimensions. Towards other Spheres.

Tecnografica is thrilled to add Freeform & Szauder among the artists of its Art Collections. Human creativity, artificial intelligence and professional skills thus come together in a series of graphic subjects dedicated to those who want to move away from the ordinary to design memorable and unconventional spaces.

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