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Tapete und Dekorationspaneele | Fitzroy - Tecnografica

Unexpected Surfaces

Same reality, double vision. Same subject, double use. Unexpected Surfaces is the first crossover collection by Tecnografica, specifically created to mix together the simultaneous presence of both wallpaper and decorative panels.
The 4 graphics of this collection – taken from the decorations of old recovered plates – are designed to jump from one surface to another, in always different environments. The aim is to make them reach their highest ductility as furnishing elements, so that design professionals can easily apply all of them to any context. These graphics, in fact, are created for a completely project-oriented capsule collection.
The subject’s names recall exactly this freedom of movement, jumping from the district of Ginza in Tokyo, to the district of Fitzroy in Melbourne, then from the streets of Noord in Amsterdam, to the ones of Belleville in Paris. Different areas situated at the heart of international cities, characterized by a bohémien soul, a deep interest in art, and a strong passion for industrial style.
These are districts ready to face change and innovation in design, just like Unexpected Surfaces. Therefore, between wallpaper and decorative panels, new solutions multiply in the architects and designers’ hands, and can be equally used in houses and offices, hotels and retails.
Graphics designed and created to be used both on wallpaper and on decorative panels, for a completely project-oriented capsule.

And you? Which Unexpected Surfaces are you going to choose?

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