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Carta da parati 'Sipario' di Tecnografica

Quarta Parete

What in the world of entertainment is called the fourth wall represents a sort of “imaginary wall” that separates the spectators from the stage. It is an “invisible wall” through which the public sees and follows the artistic performance. Ideally, it is the wall that is added to the other three existing ones to complete the stage.

It is precisely from this concept that Quarta Parete (= Fourth Wall), the new wallpaper collection by Tecnografica, takes its name. Starting from the idea of theatrical scenography, our designers tried their hand at Kirigami, an ancient oriental technique that involves carving and folding paper with the aim of obtaining three-dimensional and relief shapes. Thanks to this very particular technique, developed entirely by hand, Tecnografica designers have recreated paper structures that reproduce depth and perspective, just like the scenography on a theater stage.

The very names of the graphic subjects are a tribute to the world of entertainment: this capsule collection opens with Sipario (= Curtain), continues with Odeon and closes with Applauso (= Applause).

Just as scenography creates a false perspective on the stage, Fourth Wall wallpapers create the optical illusion of depth in a room. Where the space seems finished, Fourth Wall adds further three-dimensionality. These wallpapers are thus extremely interesting in interior design, thanks to their ability to create unexpected plays of perspective or ideally enlarge narrow spaces.

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