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Tecnografica presenta Expedition


The spirit of adventure leads every step into the thick vegetation. The courage of discovery pushes the legs forward with determination. Curiosity hushes the fear of the unknown and generates that almost-instinctive impulse that forces arms to raise up and move the branches. Eyes straight ahead, already focused on the unpredictable artwork of nature that’s going to appear beyond the next large tropical leaf.
Expedition is the Tecnografica’s wallpaper collection dedicated to discovery.
The discovery of the world around us, that we must observe and respect, from the color shades of a petal, to the horizon over the river in a forest.
The discovery of ourselves, crossing the boundaries on the road that we prefer.
At the same time, this is a collection about the rediscovery of our freest and most genuine imagination, able to make us come back to the typically childlike spontaneity, among imaginary creatures and impossible colors.
And the same freedom also emerges from the variety of drawing techniques used by Tecnografica artists: watercolors, crayons, tempera, chiaroscuro, digital graphic.

Because sometimes limits are only in your mind.

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