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The “Fuorisalone Digitale” by Tecnografica

The “Fuorisalone Digitale” by Tecnografica

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It’s wallpaper, but also an unexplored jungle. They are decorative panels, but also the deep and endless night sky. They are Tecnografica’s subjects, as you’ve never seen them before.

On the occasion of the “Salone del Mobile” from 9th to 14th April 2019, Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings is online and offline. With a visually powerful booth at the “Salone”, Tecnografica will show Infinity Gems, the decorative panels collection Inspired by the Universe and its colors.

On Instagram, instead, the Universe changes point of view and becomes the Tecnografica’s Universe, ready to show its world through a metaphorical description of the creative process. Thus, the main theme becomes From Our Universe To Your Wall, a journey that starts from the origin of an idea and goes its way to the real installation of the graphic subjects.

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5 episodes – one for each day of the “Salone del Mobile”, followed by a final chapter that collects them all together – make up the Fuorisalone Digitale by Tecnografica, a completely new way to introduce the wallpaper and decorative panels graphics.

Creation, Movement, Above&Beyond, Deep Down and New Beginning are the milestones through which Tecnografica’s subjects literally come alive to tell the creative process. Starting from the creation of a thought, we feel the need to move, trying to gather new ideas. So we go beyond what we know, with the aim of widening our perspective and finding the right way. Therefore, when the path becomes clear, we stop wandering and we start following that path to go deep towards the concrete realization of the original thought, and towards a new beginning triggered by creativity.

The journey has started, only on Instagram.

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