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NEW SMART PANEL by Tecnografica

NEW SMART PANEL by Tecnografica

Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings presents an absolute novelty in the world of wallcoverings: the New Smart Panel.

New Smart Panel main features are:

large size (up to 150×300 cm);
ultra-thin (only 2.5 mm thick);
ultra-light (3 kg/m2);
extremely flexible: in fact, it is suitable for curved walls and columns.

With its registered patent, New Smart Panel is a real revolution on the big slabs market, with endless application possibilities.
While its flexibility makes New Smart Panel suitable for curved walls and columns, its polycarbonate composition gives this panel the perfect resistance to wet environment, such as bathrooms and showers.

New Smart Panel’s special qualities don’t end here:

It is easily workable on site (cuts, trimmings, holes, etc.) through normal carpenter’s tools.
The front surface is characterized by a high resistance, while the back surface is designed to allow wall gluing through cement glues.
Thanks to its reduced weight and thickness, together with the extreme flexibility of the material, New Smart Panel can be shipped inside of a simple box and through a standard forwarder, even in the presence of a very large-sized product. This one in particular is a special feature that opens the doors to cost-saving and eco-friendly packaging and transportation.

Join #TheWallcoveringRevolution.

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