Tecno Tour

Tecno Tour

Tecno Tour does not stop! After the success of the event that, at the end of September, opened the doors of the company to partners, customers and professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design, Tecnografica decided to make company tours by appointment always available.

Tecno Tour is a guided visit in the heart of Tecnografica, which allows participants to dive behind the scenes of the company, discovering firsthand how a simple stroke of ink or a small stone can become decorative products with such a strong visual impact.

The tour goes through the different steps needed for the production of both wallpaper and decorative panels. Thus, it will be possible to visit the labs where our artists experiment with different painting techniques and materials; the showroom dedicated to stones, marbles and other precious materials that can be scanned to obtain the graphic designs for the decorative panels; the offices of our graphic designers, where handmade or scanned images are improved and optimized for each single project; the production departments, where the wallpaper is printed and the decorative panels developed.

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Using a camera or your smartphone, take a photo of the wall you want to paper. Upload it on our site and choose the graphics you like the most to have a preview of the final result on your wall.

When loading, you are required to enter: the sizes of the wall; an email address to which the simulation will be sent; other necessary small details.


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