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Webb Telescope

We wonder. It’s our nature.
How did we get here? Are we alone in the universe? How does the universe work?
The James Webb Space Telescope is an ambitious scientific endeavor to answer these questions.”

So says the website to present the revolutionary scientific mission that began on December 25, 2021, with the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. The entire project is the result of an international collaboration among the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

The JWST is the largest telescope ever sent into space and, thanks to its cutting-edge infrared technology, it further expands the horizons opened by its predecessor, the Hubble Telescope. The new telescope was built for a variety of objectives, ranging from astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. Specifically, the Webb Telescope allows the study of: the structure of the universe, consequently deepening the theoretical studies on dark matter; the origin and evolution of the first galaxies; the birth and formation of stars and planets; the evolution of planetary systems and the conditions for life. The results obtained already in the first year of activity are incredible. This is demonstrated by the spectacular images that the JWST has given us and that the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), together with the Space Agencies involved, makes available to the global community on a daily basis.

With the authorization of STScI, a scientific institution founded by NASA, Tecnografica is dedicating some unprecedented graphic subjects to these exciting achievements of human knowledge. Webb Telescope is the new collection of decorative panels that brings the wonders of the deepest space into the most futuristic projects of contemporary interior design.

Cosmic Cliffs, Tarantula Nebula, Pillars of Creation, Magellano Stellar Mass, Sagittarius, Chamaeleon I e Rho Ophiuchi reproduce the homonymous infrared photographs taken by the Webb Telescope and processed by specialists to recreate the breathtaking colors that we all have the privilege of admiring today.

Tecnografica decorative panels become the perfect support for these extraordinary images, which can be printed in very high definition on all available finishes: from the glossy or satin polycarbonate of the Smart Panel, to the elegant, laminated glass of Dècora Glass or the backlit surfaces of Dècora LED and Dècora Glass Backlit.

Images credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

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