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Grandi Marmi

Nature will never stop to be our main source of inspiration. We can find its greatness everywhere, from the depths of the earth, to the immensity of the sky. Grandi Marmi, the new decorative panel collection by Tecnografica, stems exactly from the infinite power of Nature.
Grandi Marmi collects precious surfaces forged by natural elements for thousands of years. “Arabescato”, “Paonazzo”, “New Travertino”, “Azul”, “Copenhagen”, “White Paradise” and “Onice Cappuccino” are the subjects of this brand new collection. Each of them is named after the marble, granite, or onyx from which they took shape. In fact, they are real natural surfaces, digitally acquired and digital-printed in high definition.
The graphics of this particular collection have been specifically created to cover large surfaces: in fact, each subject can be digital-printed on different panels as a continuous graphic.

An even more spectacular aesthetic result of these graphics is given by New Smart Panel, the revolutionary flexible decorative panel by Tecnografica. Perfect to cover curved walls and columns, New Smart Panel is:

– characterized by a large size (up to 150×300 cm);
– ultra-thin (only 2.2 mm thick);
– ultra-light (3 kg/m2);
– easy workable on site (cuts, trimmings, holes, etc.) through normal carpenter’s tools.

Discover the complete collection and join the Wallcovering Revolution of New Smart Panel. Join the Wallcovering Revolution.

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When loading, you are required to enter: the sizes of the wall; an email address to which the simulation will be sent; other necessary small details.


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