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Water and land. Natural elements as simple as they are ancient, capable of bringing with them the true history of our planet. The oceans and the emerged lands, in fact, contain and preserve priceless treasures. Forms of ancestral life that populated the forests and seas millions of years ago and which today, thanks to the work of professionals, come back to light to tell their distant past. And this is exactly what Zoic‘s experts do.

Located in Trieste, Zoic is a world-class company in the field of paleontology, specializing in the extraction and processing of fossil remains. It is the only Italian company that operates at these high levels: active for years, it now boasts a very wide experience globally recognized, from Europe to Japan, from Canada to Australia.

Thanks to the invaluable collaboration with Zoic, Tecnografica has the privilege of presenting Fossils, an exclusive capsule collection of decorative panels presenting 3 new designs. The designs represented in very high resolution scans of ancient fossils dating back to the Paleozoic Era, were expertly recovered by the Zoic archaeologists and are now transformed into large impact wallcovering designs by Tecnografica.

Even the Fossils collection can be further enhanced by digital printing on Dècora Glass, the Tecnografica wall panel support in laminated glass.

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