The inimitable adventures of Lupo Alberto from Silver’s creativity to an epic wallpaper collection by Tecnografica

The inimitable adventures of Lupo Alberto from Silver’s creativity to an epic wallpaper collection by Tecnografica

Above the McKenzie Farm there is a hill and on that hill there is a forest. It is in that forest that Alberto The Wolf lives, the blue wolf protagonist of one of the most overwhelming love stories of all time, together with the hen Martha. A stormy love, but not due to the couple: it is a sentimental relationship punctuated by chases, traps and fights with Moses, the guardian dog who hates the wolf. Not to mention the unpredictable mole Henry, an inhabitant of the farm who is very skilled in putting a spoke in the wheel and who with his cry “Hey there, Beppe!”, made his way into the hearts of readers.

Alberto the Wolf and all the characters of the McKenzie Farm are the result of Guido Silvestri’s (aka Silver) imagination. Born in 1952, he made his debut in comics in 1971 collaborating with Nick Carter, key character of the show “Gulp! Fumetti in TV ” created by Bonvi (Franco Bonvicini) and Guido De Maria. In 1974, he created the strip of Alberto the Wolf for the Corriere dei Ragazzi. Since 1976, Silver and Alberto the Wolf have joined the EUREKA stable, the Corno Editorial magazine mainly dedicated to comic authors. It is between the pages of this magazine that the character begins his climb to success, becoming in just two years the favorite of readers in a popularity referendum. From 1979 to 1982 Silver, as a satirical designer, was part of the editorial staff of the newspaper L’OCCHIO, directed by Maurizio Costanzo. Since 1984, Silver and the McKenzie Farm have given life to a magazine entirely dedicated to the character of Alberto the Wolf, from which various initiatives in the social and commercial field will originate, which will consecrate Alberto the Wolf as a real phenomenon of custom

And today, thanks to the collaboration with Tecnografica, the adventures of the blue wolf also enter the world of interior design: Alberto the Wolf by Silver is the new wallpaper collection for the Art Collections ready to bring a great classic of Italian comics not only within the walls of homes, but also in restaurants, pubs, waiting rooms, public spaces, schools, cultural and recreational spaces in cities … and wherever Alberto the Wolf can hide from Moses’ ambushes!

Zitt, Zitt, Lupo Tartan, Bus Stop and Mckenzie Pattern are the names of 4 of the designs in this hilarious capsule collection. As for all Tecnografica collections, even the designs of Lupo Alberto by Silver are fully customizable according to the needs of the individual project and are available on all types of finishes, from water repellent to sound absorbing, from ecological to structured vinyl.

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