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Your home turns into a real movie set with Cinema

Your home turns into a real movie set with Cinema, a new wallpaper collection by Tecnografica

Who has never wished their life was a movie? Through a screen, movies allow us to live thousands of different lives, in worlds that do not exist and giving us hope that even the most unimaginable things can be realized. You can decide who you want to be, even if it is only for the duration of the film. You can live in a splendid Eastern European hotel or in a sumptuous early 1900s villa where unforgettable parties are held. Or you can relate to an unexpected Old Western hero struggling to regain his freedom. Or why not, be a proud warrior fighting in Japanese antiquity? Or maybe play a board game all the way through, experiencing surreal penances between carnivorous flowers and mischievous monkeys? And if all this exhausts you, you can always go up the stairs to the exit and close everything behind you.

The Covid 19 pandemic has radically changed our behaviour in closed spaces. Now more than ever we all need interiors in which we feel good, recharge our energy and find positivity as well as a place we can escape the daily routine. With the new collection, Cinema, Tecnografica pays tribute to this incredible form of art, presenting a series of wallpapers inspired by dreams and marvellous environments of some of the most renowned movies of the last 30 years. The wallpapers become so real that they transfer your home or commercial space into a proper film set, where you can live the movie’s life.

The exclusive Cinema collection is portrayed through six extraordinary designs: Jay, Freeman, Alan, Samurai, Truman and Gustave. Choose your favourite story!


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