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Everything you need to know about Wallpaper (part 3)

Choosing the most suitable wallpaper for your project: a complete and free mini-guide on what you need to know, from style to useful technical features.

Where can wallpaper be installed?

As mentioned in previous articles, wallpaper can be installed in any environment. The main precaution to obtain an optimal result and a long-lasting installation is to choose the most suitable finish for the room and its use.

Vinyl wallpapers

For environments where a lot of time is spent and transit is frequent, vinyl wallpapers are the most recommended finishes. Resistant and easy to clean, in the Tecnografica catalog they are available in different textures: Fabric, with a fabric effect; TNT, with spatula-brushed non-woven effect.

The Fabric finish can add a touch of warmth and welcome to:

  • Residential environments such as bedrooms and dining rooms, where the fabric effect can create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Hotels and B&Bs, particularly in the halls and rooms, where the fabric effect gives a luxurious and welcoming appearance.
  • Offices and commercial spaces that want a more refined look and a feeling of well-being.

The brushed non-woven effect of the TNT finish is suitable for:

  • High traffic areas in residential environments such as corridors or living areas, thanks to its resistance.
  • Restaurants and cafes, where durability combines with aesthetics to create a welcoming environment.
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities, especially in common areas, for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Eco wallpaper

For those who pay particular attention to the environment and the ecological characteristics of the materials, however, ECO wallpaper can be a more than valid decorative alternative. ECO, in fact, is a certified support, made of 100% cellulose fibre, free of PVC and solvents.

The ECO finish is ideal for:

  • Homes and apartments, especially in bedrooms and children’s play areas, promoting a healthy environment.
  • Kindergartens, schools and spaces dedicated to children, where health and safety are priorities.
  • Restaurants, cafes and hotels that emphasize sustainability and want to convey this ethic to customers.

Waterproof wallpaper

For environments with a high level of humidity, such as bathrooms and shower interiors, the waterproof H2O finish is the ideal choice. Thanks to the fiberglass support and the final treatment with specific products, this wallpaper can also be installed in direct contact with water, thus allowing the decoration of environments that are often not taken into consideration and reducing the works necessary to a possible restyling.

The H2O finish is therefore perfect for places exposed to water, such as:

  • Bathrooms and spas in private homes, to combine practicality with aesthetics.
  • Wellness centers, hotel spas and swimming pools, where humidity is constant.
  • Professional kitchens and bathrooms in restaurants, hotels or commercial spaces, for its water resistance and ease of cleaning.

Metal-effect wallpaper

Finally, for more sophisticated contexts, Tecnografica offers the Metal finish, the wallpaper with a metallic effect. Thanks to the silver foil that covers the entire surface, when hit by light it gives off surprising iridescent reflections. The Metal support enhances metallic colors, such as gold, silver and copper, and makes bright and saturated colors particularly brilliant. Furthermore, the special fabric effect embossing makes this finish very elegant and suitable for any type of environment, both residential and commercial.

Specifically, the Metal finish is ideal for creating bright focal points in:

  • Living rooms and reception rooms in residential settings, where the changing reflections can create a unique atmosphere.
  • Trendy bars, clubs and restaurants, to add a touch of glamor and attract attention.
  • Hotel lobbies and commercial spaces that wish to stand out and create an impression of luxury and modernity.

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