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Tecnografica Tapete | Panini: Rovesciata Classica

Panini Stickers

The legendary Panini stickers meet Tecnografica’s design giving life to an exciting collection based on interior design and pure emotion. Travelling back in time, exploring some of the most famous images in the Panini world, Tecnografica creates a crossover collection of wallpaper and decorative panels, of which the graphic subjects are not only for exclusive commercial and residential environments, but also renew the splendid memory of the days come and exchange stickers with friends, exclaiming the classic “GotGotNeed”!
The Panini series thus contributes to enriching Tecnografica’s selection of brands with great value, through designs perfect for the interior design of both public spaces – such as bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, gyms, stadiums, changing rooms, shops, shopping centers – and residential spaces for true enthusiasts.
Panini celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and Tecnografica is honored to assist the celebration with double pride, Italian and Emilian, continuously daydreaming together.
Just like when we were children.

Panini: Panini Stamps
Panini: Italian Vintage Packets
Panini: Fantasticker
Panini: Football 79
Panini: Sprint
Panini: International Covers
Panini: Rovesciata Pop
Panini: Italian Classic Packets
Panini: Rovesciata Classica
Panini: Sessantuno
Panini: International Packets
Panini: Football 82
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