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Tecnografica Tapete | Vittorio Giardino: Circe

Vittorio Giardino

Vittorio Giardino is considered as one of the most sophisticated Italian comics authors. The artist is a former engineer, a profession he abandoned at the age of 31 to pursue his passion for comics. He is well known abroad, and his work has been translated and distributed in 18 countries. Vittorio Giardino interprets the graphic style called “Linea Chiara” and freely ranges between genres: from the crime drama (Sam Pezzo) to the spy (Max Fridman), from the erotic (Little Ego) to the Bildungsroman (Jonas Fink). His linear and defined stroke, his method and precision, his almost obsessive attention to detail, the historical documentation and plot construction are all key aspects of his work.The original drawings that Vittorio Giardino shared with Tecnografica show two specific themes that are dear to the artist: the sea and the female figure. Thinking about the sea, Vittorio Giardino says: “I love to go in, over, under and even through. I love it for its straight horizon line that hides what is beyond and just lets me imagine. I love the scent of it, announcing itself from afar even before I can see it. I love the noise it makes, always telling me, even at night, its intentions, whether it is calm or agitated.”Portrayed as main characters of the new wallpaper collection, the women of Giardino are beautiful, among the most fascinating ever seen in comics, the contours of their faces, the shape of their eyes, their haircuts, the slenderness of their figures, the incomparable grace, the femininity that shines through their gazes. They emanate a delicate splendor, an unattainable elegance.Tecnografica is honored to enrich the Art Collections with a special wallpaper series signed by Vittorio Giardino one of the most famous masters of contemporary comics.

Vittorio Giardino: Agave
Vittorio Giardino: Caraibi
Vittorio Giardino: Circe
Vittorio Giardino: Hellade
Vittorio Giardino: Nostalgia
Vittorio Giardino: Sguardi
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