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Tapete | Roberto Baldazzini: Aurora floreale

Roberto Baldazzini

Roberto Baldazzini, born in Vignola (MO) in 1958, is a famous Italian comic book author, designer and image historian. He emerged in the 1980s with an original mark on the comic magazines Orient Express and Comic Art.Since then, his graphic novels have been translated and published in Europe, the United States and South America. At the same time he also began working in the advertising, design and illustration sector (Vanity and Marie Claire). His style is clear and extremely intelligible, in fact, he fills both tiny spaces such as a logo, as well as the boundless spaces of advertising posters, managing to emerge powerfully even in the jungle of visual inputs that characterize contemporary everyday life. In 1997 he signed an important advertising campaign for Tim.Two years before he began his collaboration with Blue magazine creating various characters and comic series of an erotic nature such as Chiara Rosenberg (texts by Celestino Pes) and Beba. Loved by Ettore Sottsass, Moebius and Nanni Balestrini, he is considered one of the most important erotic artists in the world; the volumes of the Howhard House series have been translated into five languages. In France on texts by Jean-Pierre Dionnet he worked on the series Des Dieux et Des Hommes, published in Italy by Panini Comics.In the painting field, he has exhibited in several solo shows in Italy, France and the USA. With Diego’s winter, his latest graphic novel (The Box Edizioni 2013), the author opens up to narrative themes linked to the Second World War. As an essayist he has published: Sexyrama – The image of women on the covers of periodicals from 1960 to 1979 (Coniglio Editore, 2008) and Sofia Loren, kidnapped by the cinema – Sofia Lazzaro’s photo novels (1950-1952) (Struwwelpeter, 2010). For Sergio Bonelli Editore, Baldazzini recently drew a comic novel entitled Hollywoodland, with texts by Michele Masiero. He also signed a contract with French publisher Glénat to produce Jayne Mansfield’s comic biography.Roberto Baldazzini is the author of comics, designer of objects, creator of advertising campaigns, illustrator, painter and now also a Tecnografica artist. We are proud to add another important name to our Art Collections, for which Baldazzini offers 5 beautiful illustrationsAurora floreale”, “Le due faraone, La sfida”, “Dolce attesa”, “Frutto di bosco” e “Imperatrice” – and 3 acrylic paintings – “Terre emerse, Alito di vento”, “Terre emerse, Tramonto”, “Ai piedi della foresta” which are perfect wallpaper designs, showing off a fascinating world of colors, nature and female personality.

Roberto Baldazzini: Le due Faraone, la sfida
Roberto Baldazzini: Terre Emerse, alito di vento
Roberto Baldazzini: Terre Emerse, tramonto
Roberto Baldazzini: Ai piedi della foresta
Roberto Baldazzini: Aurora floreale
Roberto Baldazzini: Dolce Attesa
Roberto Baldazzini: Frutto di Bosco
Roberto Baldazzini: Imperatrice
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