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Mauricio Lara

“Design makes sense;entering through our eyes,it is expressed by our mouth,you touch it with your handsand valued in our heart.” Mauricio Lara is a Mexican designer who stands out for the wide range of his professional works, from flawless commercial projects to artworks rich in contagious humor. Lara’s creative work is not limited to industrial design, indeed. He is very comfortable with his artistic vein in painting, sculpture, graphics and illustration. He has also experimented with different materials, such as ceramics and glass, and he has even worked on a fashion design project.Mauricio Lara’s black and white illustrations now turn into wallpapers enriching Tecnografica’s Art Collections. All themes signed by this Mexican designer are the result of graphic features and experimentations. Indian Ink then allows Mauricio Lara to address two main issues: the human being, its relationships, its origins and all challenges it has been facing down the ages – Éxodos, Refugios – and the game of creativityAbstracto, Expresiones, Signos –, its unique and unrepeatable forms, symbols and signs arising from attempts and randomness. Tecnografica is honoured to welcome Mauricio Lara among its artists.***Mauricio Lara holds an Industrial Design degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (1988-1992) and is considered to be one of the most influential designers in Mexico with almost 30 years of work experience.  Founder of EOS Mexico (1998), he collaborates with his brother Sebastián Lara at Lara Hnos (2004 to date), one of the most important design studios in the country of which he is cofounder. In 2009, the publishing house Arquine released the book ‘EOS Mexico, the work of Mauricio and Sebastián Lara’ as a career recognition. Lara’s artworks have been displayed at several exhibitions in Mexico, in the United States and in Europe, winning multiple national and international design awards. After appearing in the exhibition ‘Destination: Mexico (2012)’ at MoMA Design Store (New York), his masterpiece ‘Erizo (2000)’, a stylish pencil holder, was purchased by the same museum as exclusive piece of its store.  Subsequently, in 2017, his ‘CHAC-SEAT’ (2004) was acquired by the Denver Art Museum as part of its international design collection. In March 2022, the publishing house Toronja Ediciones released his first book ‘Mauricio Lara: A black ink story’.

Mauricio Lara: Trazos
Mauricio Lara: Abstracto
Mauricio Lara: Refugios
Mauricio Lara: Èxodo
Mauricio Lara: Signos
Mauricio Lara: Óom
Mauricio Lara: Expresiones
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