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Tapete | Giulia Ori: Nabucco

Giulia Ori

The attraction towards art has always been a constant in Giulia Ori’s life.She was born on 4th March 1985 in Formigine (Modena, Italy) and she felt that attraction gradually becoming pure passion, thanks to the love for art that already bloomed during the elementary school. An evolution that took root on a fertile ground, created by her father’s deep interest for drawing and photography.Many memories of hers are connected to the childhood, such as the lovely days spent with her grandma in the countryside, a scenario that will be fundamental for the interpretation of her artworks.Giulia Ori’s art, in fact, is based on a return to the past whose outlines are blurred because of the passage of time. However, that past can still be perceived as close and accessible through the images. The mix of different materials and fabrics expresses the author’s imagination in a liberating act that totally releases her creativity.As in Impressionism – the art movement that Giulia loves the most -, her artworks are characterized by undefined shapes. An art that is able to tell about itself and, at the same time, to leave space for the viewer’s interpretation.

Giulia Ori: Nabucco
Giulia Ori: Memorie
Giulia Ori: Arpa
Giulia Ori: Simphonia
Giulia Ori: Va’ Pensiero
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