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Il design brilla negli occhi delle donne

Giovanna Casotto

Giovanna Casotto, born in 1962, is a famous Italian comic artist and illustrator.Her life as a housewife is tinged with new colors since she turned her passion for drawing and comics into a profession. For three years she attended the School of Comics in Milan, then she started publishing her works.Especially attracted by naked human figure, she focused on the erotic representation of the female body. Her main inspiration comes from the imagery of the ‘50s, defined between pin-up silhouettes and Hollywood stars of that time. Her illustrations, full of details and colors, enhance the sensuality of a charismatic and sophisticated woman.Beyond comics, Giovanna studies the watercolor technique. She’s so passionate about it that she started her own training course as a teacher. Five collaborators and friends – Rossana Cagnetta, Antonella Siena, Susanna Maccari, Filomena Castelluccio e Nadia Pirovano –  took part in the course and, together with Giovanna, they created an amazing series of watercolor paintings that pay an elegant tribute to feminine face.Today, Tecnografica has the honour to draw from those paintings, defining a selection of 8 subjects dedicated to Tecnografica’s Art Collections. Eight wallpapers for the same number of breath-taking woman’s gazes.

Giovanna Casotto: Elenoire
Giovanna Casotto: Sophia
Giovanna Casotto: Eau Rouge
Giovanna Casotto: Giovanna 17
Giovanna Casotto: Rossana
Giovanna Casotto: Blue Antonella
Giovanna Casotto: Susanna
Giovanna Casotto: Esmeralda
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