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Wallpaper | Giordano & Cardinetti: Xenia - Tecnografica

Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti

Paolo Giordano was born in Naples in 1954. He studied Architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, where he graduated in 1978. He now lives and works in Milan. From 1978 to 1995 he worked as a professional photographer, collaborating with Italian and international magazines.In the photography field, he alternates professional and research photography, taking part to various exhibitions, such as ‘Immagini italiane’, organized by Aperture Foundation in 1993 and curated by Melissa Harris at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, together with Murray and Isabella Rayburn Foundation NY. Between 1993 and 1999 Paolo Giordano travels and lives in India, where he decided to found I+I, a company that realizes handcrafted products with a contemporary spirit. The result is a new, hybrid product, close to design and able to express an ethnic personality. In 2015 he took part and curated the ‘Way-Out’ exhibition at Spazioborgogno-Museo Pecci in Milan, collecting different authors working around the touch point among art, design, and photography. In 2018 participated in the ‘Strumenti di un rito esistenziale’ exhibition at Galleria San Federico (GSF) in Turin, both with photos and design products. Paolo Giordano is currently Artistic Director of the I+I collection ( and keeps on researching in the field of photography (

Simona Cardinetti was born in Como where she studied Interior Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her career path goes a step further when she starts working as a set designer for important events like the Cannes Film Festival. She subsequently collaborated as image consultant for design and furnishing companies, managing both projects as set designer and fair and event installations. Now Simona Cardetti continues her activity, on the one hand, as a product designer for ceramic objects and, on the other hand, as an interior designer for restaurants, bars, hotels, and private houses.

Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Kaindy
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Komi
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Goblin
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Daintree
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Sepik
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Twiggy
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Oscar
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Greta
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Xenia
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Eva
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Gio
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Guelfa
Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti: Selvaggia
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