Would you like to see how our wallcoverings fit your environment?
It’s a piece of cake!

1) Take a picture of the wall to be decorated (you can also take it by your Smartphone).
2) Surf the website and select the wallcovering that you like the most. Remember, you have total freedom of choice: all the graphics within the different collections on this website – both wallpapers and decorative panels collections – are available in each of the supports offered (e.g. you can choose a wallpaper graphic and apply it on a decorative panel support, or viceversa).
3) Click on "upload your environment". You can find this key in any page of the catalogue.
4) Fill in the form and follow the uploading instructions. In the "Message" field, please enter the sizes of your wall (base x height). Here you can add any additional information you may require.
Our team will soon send to you a virtual preview of your decorated wall!
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