Proyectos Living room design - Private Project by Rana Baraké

La realización

"A contemporary interior with a touch of exotic mood and rich colours, giving a beautiful cosy feel to the room. The Polly wallpaper adds elegance and a unique character to the space." This is how the interior architect Rana Barakè describes this living room she designed. A project that revisits some classic details, such as the arch and parquet floor combining them with modern furnishing elements. 
The final effect is amazing. The teardrop mirrors, within this decorative composition, create depth to the hallway which you enter from the living room. 
It is in the living room that we find the “Polly” wallpaper, from Decoratives collection, specially chosen by Rana Baraké to provide the space with elegance and a unique personality. 


3D renders by Rana Baraké:

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