Proyectos Monterrey Restaurant by PB 3D Render & Kawaru Studio

La realización

Monterrey Restaurant is located in the heart of Sierra de Espadán, an unspoilt rural area in Spain. For this project, PB 3D Render and Kawaru Studio used wood and stone as main materials, to give a rustic touch which is consistent with the natural setting.

In order to increase the lighting in the restaurant, designers used Tecnografica's Dècora LED panels, characterized by the patented led-integrated technology that gives both light and color to the rooms. "Alpha Centauri" design - from Infinity Gems collection - was specifically selected in all its color variants to recall the texture of rare precious stones.

"Alpha Centauri"'s colors and its strong shades of blue, yellow, and green, are repeated also in the furnishing elements, thus creating a unique atmosphere that mixes together typical features of this geographic area and contemporary design.


Project and pictures by PB 3D Render for Kawaru Studio:

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