Proyectos Kid bedroom design by Martyna Szymańska

La realización

The arrival of a baby is a very special time for parents-to-be. Throughout the preparation and planning, the nursery is certainly one aspect to consider. One has to decide on the style and search for a solution that can accompany the child during its growth.

Architect Martyna Szymańska has perfectly followed these guidelines for the nursery commissioned by a young couple. She opted for a simple style with neutral colors, but also wanted to provide a touch of uniqueness with the wallpaper.

To transform the room, the architect chose "Jungle Club" (Black color variant) from the Decoratives collection. With its jungle settings and many cute animals, the graphic subject is particularly versatile, suitable both for a baby who observes the world for the first time and for a future child full of imagination, as a background for adventurous games.


Project by: Martyna Szymańska

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